Horror, Third Person

Developer: Bad Tale Studios
Release: CS

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"It was nightfall and Andrè Lacroix, a social worker from Paris, opened the last folder of the day. Outside, it was starting to rain. He read the name on the top of the dossier “Alexander Lucien Lazarius”, an orphan given in custody to his aunt who lives in a manor house outside the town. Suspected child abuse, reported the file. Something snapped deep down in Andrè , he lost his self-control. He jumped up and quickly left the room. He didn’t care about the rain that had started to fall, he had to know. In an instant that file had become his only obsession . Upon reaching the house he understood that he was right to be worried. The child was missing and the people at the manor house were acting as if they had something to hide. So began Andrè’s journey into the horrible facts surrounding that house. He will be overwhelmed by a strange kind of nostalgia mixed with a horrible form of oppression. This will lead our hero to find answers. Soon he will learn that nothing is as it seems and that sometimes the worst atrocities could be made even worse... An old Manor house in the Parisian country-side in endless rain, where feelings like love, hate, fear and vengeance will bring to life unimaginable and repulsive horrors. Can he remain the same person? How will these choices affect him?"